Yagi Antenna Dimensions

There are various kinds of Yagi antennas available in stores and the Internet. The following is a list of some of the models currently sold on the Net.

Yagi Antenna Dimensions: Wilson Electronics Yagi 1800-1990 MHz PCS

The Wilson Electronics Yagi 1800-1990 MHz PCS antenna is 16.8 inches long (43 cm long with the mount). This directional antenna comes with the hardware needed to mount the unit. A one foot long jumper is included, along with the N-Female Termination.

There are 9 elements in the unit. The impedance is 50 ohms and the frequency is 1800-1990 MHz. The power maxes out at 25 watts and the antenna gain is 14 dBi. The polarization can be horizontal or vertical.

This antenna is very suitable for truckers and people who camp in remote areas. An amplifier may be used but it is not required. By turning the antenna, you will be able to find the best signals.

Yagi Antenna Dimensions: CP Technology 18DBI WAN-2218

The CP Technology 18DBI Yagi antenna 2.4GHZ weighs 9 lbs. This is a directional antenna and can be used for outdoor mid-ranges. The WAN-2218 has built in components that augment the signal quality and strength.

The 802.11b/g 2.4GHz wireless local network signals can be improved with this device. The unit has high gain, and the bundled metal bracket lets you fasten the18DBI WAN-2218 to a pole. This will help you get the most ideal wireless coverage possible.

The N-Type connector or the conversion adapter may be included. The unit is compatible for use with LevelOne’s wireless access point.

Yagi Antenna Dimensions: AIR802 18 dBi WiFi

The AIR802 18 dBi WiFi antenna comes with a 20 cm (7.87 inch) coaxial cable. It weighs 1.76 lbs (0.8 kg) and is 35.4 inches (90 cm) long. The antenna has been created for use at the 2.4 GHz ISM band.

The antenna has been soldered and extensively examined. The antenna elements are set in fiberglass radome so they can withstand fluctuating weather. The L type mounting bracket allows for 45 degree tilt.

The unit comes with a couple of U-bolts so it can be mounted on 2” OD pipes. The antenna can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Yagi Antenna Dimensions: Wilson Yagi 800-900

The Wilson Yagi 800-900 antenna is 12 inches long and can be hooked up to a 0.5 in-1.5 in diameter pole. This directional antenna sports a slim design and comes with the hardware necessary for pipe mounting. The antenna has a 12 in RG174 cable along with the N-female connector.

The high gain antenna is designed to be installed easily. The antenna works by gathering cell signals and relaying them through the cable. From there it is sent to an amplifier to the data card. This is subsequently relayed to the antenna.

It is not just the Yagi antenna dimensions that vary, but also the way they function. Make sure that you understand the product specs before you buy the antenna. Taking this step will ascertain you get the best product possible.

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