How Long is a Jump Rope?

The length of jump ropes range from 8 to 10 feet, although longer and shorter versions are available. The ideal length depends largely on personal preference, but the following guidelines can help.

How to Choose a Jump Rope

Stand on the center of the rope. Hold both rope handles. Bring them up. If the handle tips reach up to your armpit bottoms, the size is just about right. Others prefer a length of 9 feet; they are among the most common sizes being sold. Generally, the 9 ft rope is adequate for people 6 ft tall and under. Those over 6 ft tall will probably be more comfortable with the 10 ft rope.

Regardless of the length of jump ropes, adjustments on the length may be required. For instance, some athletes cut a couple of inches off a 9 ft rope to improve their speed. However, you should avoid cutting too much from the rope. If you snip too much, you will not be able to repair it. Cut only an inch at a time.

Rope Quality

Aside from the rope length, the quality must also be taken into consideration. These are made from different materials, one of the most popular being the lightweight plastic. Others are made from weighted ropes and leather. However, these are quite heavy and may prove difficult for beginners.

You should hang the rope after you are done using it. If you just throw the rope in the gym bag, odds are the ropes will get entangled. Kinks may appear. This can affect its usability.

Jumping Area

No matter what the length is, you need to have a good jumping surface to work with. Good surfaces are tennis courts, outdoor tracks, gym mats or wood floors. If you have access to a boxing ring, do the jumps there. The ring surface provides support for the feet and ankles. If the gym has concrete flooring, buy an interlocking foam mat. Put this on the surface and jump there.

Buying Considerations

The quality ropes will cost more, but they will last. It is better to get one that is durable. You can purchase these in sporting good stores and suppliers. Many are now sold online.

The length of jump ropes is only one aspect you should assess before buying a piece. The quality is just as crucial. To get the most benefit from the equipment, you need to do some research first.

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