How Big is an X-ray Machine?

An X-ray machine is a device employed mainly for security and medicine. Because it is used extensively, many models have emerged, each with their own specifications.

X-Ray Machine Dimensions

The dimensions of the machine will depend on the type and the components included. The X-ray machine from Pearling Technologies has dimensions of 1.70m H x 1.86m L x 1.86m W. The weight is 210kg. It also has a 9” image setter and 12” high-res TV monitor. The conveyor has a 490mm wide shelf. It also has a 25W lamp at the lower and upper parts.

The specs of portable X-ray machines will be different. The Security Pro USA X-ray camera box has an imaging area of 380 x 290mm and effective pixel of 752 x 582. The camera box measures 39 x 34 x 29 cm or 15.4 x 13.4 x 11.4 inches. The X-ray source is 49 x 38 x 20 cm or 19.3 x 15 x 7.9 inches.

Main Features

While the X-ray machine dimensions differ per product, the major features are still the vacuum tube, operating console and the high-voltage power source. The tube is ultimately responsible for generating the X-rays.

The power supply utilizes a transformer to switch between the voltage currents being relayed to the remitter and the anode. The remitter needs a small amount of power to produce the currents. The anode meanwhile, requires more power to keep the electrons going. The electrons’ speed will determine the radiation energy.

All of these are managed on the operating console. Aside from the voltage and the current, the console also handles the timer. Both the current control and voltage controls have displays so the radiation can be modified.

Application of X-Rays

In the field of medicine, X-ray machines are widely used. Most frequently they are employed for radiography and dentistry. The orthopantomogram is an X-ray that displays all the teeth at once. The mammography also uses an X-ray to reveal the breast tissues.

Fluoroscopy also uses X-rays. With regards to its security application, the X-ray has proven valuable in airports and schools. They are used to detect illegal objects or materials that someone might be carrying. Some business establishments and financial institutions use several of these X-ray machines too.

The X-ray machine dimensions and their features are always undergoing innovations. The continuous advances being made in medicine and security will continue to change the features of these devices.

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