Exercise Ball Sizes

There are different exercise ball sizes available. It’s true you can collect all the differentExercise Ball sizes. But if you’re working out, pick the ball that matches your height.

How to Choose the Right Ball Size

The most important thing to keep in mind is this: when you sit on the ball, you must be able to set your legs at a 90 degree angle. It can be more than this, but it shouldn’t be less.

If you’re 4’11 to 5’4, the recommended ball size is 55 cm. if you’re between 5’5 and 5’11, the ball should be 65 cm. Those who are 6’ up to 6’7 will require a 75 cm ball.

After choosing the right exercise ball size, don’t blow it to the maximum capacity. After blowing, sit on the ball. There should be a little seat made. This is necessary to give the ball balance. A tightly blown ball is difficult to balance and could cause an injury.

Composition and Material

They’re all made of plastic vinyl but they’re not created equally. Some are more resistant to bursting. When shopping for exercise balls, look for those that deflate slowly. The burst resistant balls have a slightly textured appearance. Those without burst resistant features are very shiny. They can also be a little slick.

Note: whatever exercise ball size you choose, you should not repair it if it gets punctured. Even the burst resistant ones can deflate if pierced directly. Repairing it will not restore the ball to its original state.

It might burst if you use it again and cause an injury. The weight capacity of these balls varies but the good ones can handle as much as 600 lbs.

Other Things to Consider

The height and ball size recommendation given earlier are only guidelines. If you’ve never worked out before, you might be better off with a larger ball. The exercise ball size you use will also depend on your balance. Those with poor balance should start by using a larger ball. It will provide the right amount of stability.

To find the height you’re most comfortable with, try this experiment. Suppose you got a 55 cm ball, put a mark on the wall.

Make it 20 inches high and squat beside it. This is how tall the ball will be.

A bigger ball will also be needed if your legs are long for your height. A larger ball is necessary if you’re going to use it for yoga. People with back problems should also get a bigger ball.

If you’re going to use the ball as a substitute chair, assess the desk height. A good rule of thumb is to get a ball that has a diameter 4 inches greater than your chair. Always remember that the ball will dent a little when you sit down. To avoid problems, follow the directions for inflating the ball.

Getting the right exercise ball size can make a huge difference. With the right equipment, you’ll have more fun working out.

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