How Much String in Dental Floss

The dental floss length one should use is a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer 6 inches, while others opt for 8 to 10 inches. Longer strings will be required by those who are worried about possible infections.


These are simply strings used to promote good health and hygiene. To use the floss, one places a length of string between the teeth. This string can be used to remove food particles, plaque and other objects stuck in and around the teeth.


Numerous variants exist. These include flavored, waxed and those strung on picks. The most widely used material for making these products is nylon. While nylon is still widely used, Teflon is fast gaining popularity too.

The packaging design is such that the total bulk is hard to see. This is because the string is rolled up. The string is kept in plastic packages. This is to ensure the string does not get entangled or dirty. The dental floss length contained in these packages varies though.

Wax Covering

Some of these products have wax on them. This aids in facilitating the gliding action utilized to take off substances in the teeth. This type is often recommended for individuals with tight teeth.

The wax also helps in simplifying the cleaning process. However, the wax benefits only those with tight teeth. If your teeth have spaces, there is little or no benefit to be derived from using waxed floss.


The dental floss may or may not have fluoride. Fluoride is a substance frequently included in dental products. It is widely believed to prevent tooth decay. Many flosses are flavored. This can actually be useful.

Number one, it encourages people to clean their teeth regularly. Secondly, the flavors used help in keeping the breath fresh. This is very handy when a person has eaten and flosses without brushing.

Floss can be found on dental picks. For some, this makes flossing less of a hassle. The dental pick is typically made from plastic. The pick holds the floss tight so an individual can place it between their teeth easily. This eliminates the need to keep holding the ends. This makes the process less stressful.

Whatever the dental floss length used is, the item is always disposable. The product is disposed after being used once. The amount required to clean the teeth depends on the person. It will also depend on the method used for flossing.

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