How to Increase Muscle Size

The following are some of the ways to increase muscle size. Before you try any of these methods, you should consult your doctor especially if you have a heart condition or any other illness.

How to Build Arm Muscles

Start by performing compound lifts. These include deadlifts, squats and bench presses. Focus on the bench press if you want to build the triceps and the shoulders. Ensure there is a shoulder wide grip with your grip. As you become accustomed to lifting the weight, close the grip.

Perform Isolation and Shoulder Exercises

These include curls and lying triceps extensions. Do these with machines, cables, dumbbells or barbells. You should also conduct shoulder exercises once a week. Good deltoid exercises include bench presses and military presses. You can also do some shoulder dumbbell raises, dumbbell presses, dips and incline bench presses.

How to Build Forearms

There are specific ways to increase muscle size in the forearms. These include dumbbell wrist curls. Your gripping power will improve with some pull-ups, deadlifts, shrugs and other heavy lifts. Another thing you can do is carry dumbbells and walk for several minutes.

Number of Repetitions

This will vary depending on the individual. On the average, people are comfortable with 6 to 10 repetitions in 3 to 4 sets. However, you should begin with the number you are comfortable with. Do not force yourself to perform more repetitions than you are comfortable with.

Vary the Workouts

Try alternating the curls and the triceps workouts. Or you can perform isolation exercises alternately with the compound lifts. Or you can perform a set of bench presses and follow it up with one set of curls. By alternating you can increase muscle size more efficiently.

Eat the Right Food

It is not enough to exercise; you must also eat the right food. Your diet must be rich in protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, fish and fruits. It helps if you drink lots of water after your exercise.

There are commercially available energy drinks you can try. Do not neglect the diet aspect when building muscles. As your workout intensifies, your body will need to replenish the lost energy with healthy food and drink.

Rest is also Important

Take your time. Increase the repetitions when you feel physically ready. Accelerating the process may cause an injury. If you do get an injury, give your body time to rest. This is even more important if you are old or just starting out.

Choosing a Regular Workout

There are many types available. You can get them from books, videos or you can enroll in a gym class. What is important is that you stick to it. Changing workouts every week will not help you develop your muscles.

If you are going to increase muscle size, you have several options, from lifting weights to performing bench presses. The most important thing you have to consider is the amount of workout you do. To achieve the best results, you must work out consistently and eat the proper food and drinks.

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