Scabies Burrow Size

Size of a Scabies Burrow

The primary physical manifestation of scabies includes papules, burrows, and nodules. These are usually located on the wrists, abdomen, the space between the fingers, feet, gluteal areas, and the genital areas. Scabies burrows appear as gray or pink elevations on the skin. They can be S-shaped, tortuous, or a straight line.

Scabies burrows are about as thick as a strand of human hair. The burrow itself isn't that long, which is about two or three millimeters in length. They usually appear as wavy, grayish brown channels on the patient's skin. These are often seen on women's breasts and nipples while they are usually found on the penile shaft and scrotum in men.

Understanding Scabies

Scabies is a very contagious skin condition that is caused by a certain type of mite. Though invisible to the naked eye and are much like the size of pin head, scabies mites can tunnel or burrow under the skin's outer layer. They in turn produce irritations on the skin that appear quite similar to a pimple irritation. This condition is commonly known as scabies rash.

Understanding the Symptoms

Other than the scabies burrow that appears as the condition worsens, the very first and most common symptom of this condition is extreme itching. This usually occurs during the night. Another commonly observable symptom is the reddish blistering on the infected skin. The very uncomfortable itch is caused by the skin's allergic reaction to the scabies mite and the waste it produces.

Adults and even infants can become affected by this disease. The symptoms don't appear over night. It usually takes about a couple of weeks to six weeks before any of the above mentioned symptoms occur. Children and infants usually exhibit the said symptoms on their feet, scalp, or on the face.

Take note that in case you are diagnosed with scabies you can infect anyone that comes in contact with your skin. This condition is very contagious and can be transmitted quite easily via direct skin to skin contact. It can also be spread through the bedding and clothes of anyone infected. Remember that you can't get them from your pets since the scabies mites don't feed on them.


Everyone who lives with a person diagnosed with scabies should also have a check up with their doctors. The clothing of the patient should also be washed in really hot water. You should visit your doctor or even a dermatologist to have the condition treated. They may even prescribe an effective scabicide.

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