Hearing Aid Dimensions

There are various dimensions of hearing aids depending on its type Hearing Aid Dimensionsand size. A good estimate of such dimensions is 14.9mm length, 11.3mm width, height 24mm. There are also various diameters of the ear tips that you can wear depending on the size of your ear. Ear tip diameters range from small 9mm ones to large 14mm tips. Medium sized tips are around 12mm. The following are the different hearing aid sizes and types that are prescribed to patients.

Behind the Ear

Among the various hearing aid sizes available, this one still proves to be the most flexible type. It is the type that is can be adapted to become more appropriate for more people. This hearing aid has an earpiece that can be custom molded to fit any person’s ear. You won’t have to worry about whether the earpiece is too large or too small for your ears.

The earpiece is that part of a hearing aid that amplifies the sounds to a person’s ear canal. Among the different hearing aid sizes out there, this one brings out the most volume. Because of its apparent efficacy, there are people who think that this size of a hearing aid is meant for people who have severe hearing problems. But in reality, that is not the case since it can be very helpful for patients who have rigid ear texture, decreased dexterity, steep sloping loss of hearing, and those who experience problems with wax accumulation.

In the Ear

This hearing aid size is typically placed resting within your ear’s bowl, which is also known as the concha. Unlike the behind the ear type of hearing aid, this one houses all the necessary components within the bud sized hearing aid. This size of a hearing is comparatively as flexible as the behind the ear type. The only two drawbacks to this type and size of a hearing aid is, fist, it may be a tough challenge answering the phone with this device on.

The second drawback to this type of hearing aid is its battery life. Compared to the behind the ear models, which can have the battery last up to four weeks, this one only has a battery life of two weeks maximum. This hearing aid works best for people who have mild or even severe loss of hearing but have good dexterity.

In the Canal Type

This hearing aid size is usually half the usual size and dimensions of other hearing aids. When worn, this type of hearing aid is not visible when viewing from the front. This type of hearing aid is generally prescribed for those who have moderately severe hearing problems. Drawbacks to this size include difficulty handling this small device and shorter battery life, which lasts for only one to two weeks.

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