Biggest House

The biggest house in the world is Windsor Castle.Windsor Castle Although it is called a castle, the edifice is a residential home. It is 484,000 sq feet. It is in Berkshire England. It is the home of Queen Elizabeth II.

Main Features of Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle takes up 13 acres. There are also 13,000 rooms. Throughout its history the castle has been reconstructed and renovated. Depending on the state of the country, the castle was either a home, a fortress or on certain occasions, a prison for royals.

In existence for 900 years, the biggest house in the world has certain features that have remained in spite of numerous changes. The castle is situated at the center of a hill which was built by William the Conqueror back in 1070 AD.

Other prominent features of the palace are the Round Tower, the State Apartments, and the Private Apartments. From the Private Apartments one can see the East terrace. Another well known spot is the courtyard or the Quadrangle.

The Long Walk is another well known feature, which is best seen from the South Wing. The Upper Ward, the Lower Ward, the Horseshoe Cloister and St George’s Chapel are other prominent landmarks.

The wards are artificially created areas that divide Windsor Castle. A look at a map of the world’s biggest house will also show well known locations like the Edward III Tower, the Curfew Tower, and the Norman Gate. The main entrance to the site is the King Henry VIII Gate.

Notes on the Round Tower

The Round Tower is in fact cylindrical in shape. Its appearance is heavily influenced by the hill around it. The Tower is used to segregate Windsor Castle into the Lower and Upper Ward. St George’s Chapel is in the Lower Ward.

The Upper Ward contains both the Royal and Private Apartments. One of the most impressive features in the State Apartment is St. George’s Hall. Here coats of arms belonging to the Order of Garter are displayed.

The Park

The biggest house in the world is also well known for its park (called the Home Park). It is made up of a parkland and working farms. There are also several cottages which are occupied by personnel of the castle.

The Frogmore estate is also situated in the Home Park. Both the Frogmore House and the park are accessible to the public. There is also a school nearby. Not far from Windsor Castle is Eton College.

Security at Windsor Castle

The main security forces are the Thames Valley Police and the Royalty and Diplomatic Protection Department of the London Metropolitan Police. There are also Foot Guards that provide protection. There is also a battalion in Victoria Barracks dedicated to protecting Windsor Castle.

The biggest house in the world is also without question one of the most secure. Should the situation call for it, an army of tanks from the Household Cavalry will be able to respond quickly to it. There are additional security features for the royals which are kept classified.

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