How big is a C Section Cut


A C Section or Caesarean Section is a birthing procedure where an incision is made on the mother’s abdomen. This is in contrast to the natural birthing procedure where the baby passes from the mother’s womb and out through the birth canal.

What mothers would normally ask their doctors concerning c section is where the incision will be made and the size of the cut. Mothers would of course like to know if they will still be able to don their bikinis or bathing suits after giving birth.

How Big is a C Section Cut?

There are basically two types of cuts that doctors make for a c section delivery: standard transverse cut also known as bikini cut and classical incision.

A bikini cut is an incision that is made just over the area where the pubic hairline begins. This cut is usually between four to six inches, depending on the size of the baby.

This is called a bikini cut because it is just within the part where women are still able to wear their bikinis without the scar showing.

The classical cut on the other hand is an incision made just below the navel and down to about where the pubic hair line begins. The size of this cut is approximately six inches down but in cases where the baby is bigger in size, this cut can be increased for about an inch or so.

Reasons for a C Section

There are several medical reasons why a doctor would recommend a c section. One of the most common reasons is that the baby is too large to pass through the mother’s birth canal.

The baby may also be a breech baby where the baby’s position is in reverse to the normal position where its feet are facing the birth canal. In the normal position, it’s the baby’s head that should be facing the birth canal so it can safely pass through.

Other times, a c section is recommended when the mother is suffering from a pregnancy-related medical condition such as placenta abruption, placenta praevia, or pre-eclampsia.

On the other hand, if the mother has diabetes; is having more than one baby or is experiencing slow labor; a c section may likewise be recommended. If, during labor, the baby is determined to be under stress and emergency c section may be performed.

Other reasons include a birth defect and the mother’s personal decision to undergo a c section. Sometimes too, during normal delivery, it is found that the baby may be harder to push out through the birth canal. In which case, an emergency c section may also be performed.

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