The Biggest Pimple

Pimples develop when skin pores are blocked. Each of them may form either as a papule or as a pustule. This skin blemish is common in people, especially during puberty stage. The same things can also develop on individuals who have oily, dirty and unhealthy skin. These blemishes are never go as they can affect how people look, sometimes even causing them to develop low self-esteem. There are many other interesting things to learn about them such as information on the biggest pimple in the world.

Information on the Biggest Pimple Ever Recorded

Extraordinarily huge pimples are very scary. Not only are they undesirable to look at, but they may also indicate worse conditions in patients. Although some videos remain unconfirmed whether what they feature are indeed pimples, some of them showcase supersized zit-like bumps. To get the interest of viewers, they are commonly popped for everyone else to see. As seen from these videos, the diameter of such pimple-like bumps can be as huge as 76 millimeters. Sometimes, they also feature pimples the size of a dime, the approximate diameter of which is 18 millimeters.

Although not as big as the previously mentioned bumps, the diameter of most big pimples is approximately 5 millimeters. This is commonly seen in individuals suffering from acne vulgaris. This cyst-like zit is commonly full of fluid.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

It is not good to pop pimples especially the mild ones. Aside from bleeding, this practice can also result to unsightly scars, which of course are undesirable especially on the face. However, many individuals resort to this kind of practice because it actually offers some sort of relief from the discomfort that pimples bring. Furthermore, it is a faster way to destroy a pimple than to wait to naturally heal by itself.

To treat pimples, dermatologists recommend different kinds of drugs, most of which have been proven to help solve such problems in one way or another. The use of antibiotics is very popular, specifically erythromycin and tetracycline. However, the use of antibiotics for this kind of skin problem has been linked to side effects like severe teeth discoloration as well as stomach cramps. It is also very good to use prescription drugs such as isotretinoin, which has been proven highly successful against pimples and acne.

Over-the-counter drugs are also widely used as treatment for pimples and acne. These include different types of antibacterial agents like triclosan. Furthermore, topical solutions such as salicylic acid as well as benzoyl peroxide are proven safe and effective in treating such skin disease.

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