Garage Door Height

One of the basic components of modern house designs is the garage, which is a place where automobiles are usually kept and stored, especially when they are not in use. To make this part of the home more secured, a door is usually installed. Today, garage doors can be described simply as self-storing, upward acting and sectional. Part of the dimensions of every door is the height, which is important to know especially when planning to create a nice garage at home. For this and many other reasons, it is good to learn something about the common garage door height.

The Height of Garage Doors

The most common heights of garage doors are 7 feet and 8 feet. These measurements can be described as neither too high nor too low. Many garage doors come in these sizes including double-car doors, single-car doors and golf-cart doors. However, these doors widely vary in width, some of which are 18 feet, 16 feet and 14 feet wide. Other commonly used widths include the 10-feet, 9-feet and 8-feet wide versions.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

The process of selecting the right size of door for a garage is relatively simple. For this, it is very important to measure the size of the opening, particularly the height and width of the space where the door is to be installed. In case you find it quite difficult to choose the right size of door, it is best to seek the advice of garage door dealers. They are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform this particular task.

Right after installing the door, regular maintenance is necessary to prolong the life, the performance as well as the efficiency of this product. To do this, check the door balance at least once a month. A fully functional door can be lowered or raised easily without experiencing resistance. In case the door is out of balance, it is necessary to make the proper adjustments. In case some parts are damaged, be sure to replace them with compatible products just to be sure of the best results possible.

The three materials commonly used to make doors for garages are vinyl, steel and aluminum. Aside from these, it is also quite common to find a door made out of steel. Some steel doors are insulated with polyurethane. To make garage doors safer, they are equipped with restraint cables. One of the main purposes of these devices is to prevent any damage to nearby properties. More importantly, they prevent injuries or accidents from taking place.

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