Police Line Dimensions

A police line is a barrier specifically designed to keep unauthorized individuals from entering a specific zone or area. In case of crimes, it prevents the scene of the crime from being contaminated. Compared to other barriers, this one usually comes in yellow color. It is available in different forms, the most common of which are wooden barricades and barrier tapes. In addition to these basic details, it is also interesting to find out the different police line dimensions.

The Dimensions of a Police Line

The standard dimensions of a wooden police line are 120 inches wide, 38 inches high and 33 inches deep. The usual color is yellow, with the words ‘Do Not Cross’ and ‘Police Line’ labeled on it. A more convenient type of police line comes in the form of a barrier tape. Usually colored yellow, the standard width of such tape is 3 inches. However, it is available in various lengths, some of which are as short as 2,400 inches or 200 feet, while others are as long as 12,000 inches or 1,000 feet.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

Used for different kinds of law enforcement situations, the barrier tape type of police line comes in a cardboard dispenser box, a material that is described as crush-resistant. In addition to the usual bright yellow color, highly visible symbols and black lettering characterize this specific type of barrier. Some tapes even feature the name of the law enforcement agency conducting the investigation such as local government agencies and police officers.

It is very important for a barrier tape to be as visible as possible, thus the bright yellow color. This is very important in order to prevent unauthorized individuals from accidentally stepping over it. This tape is primarily used to preserve the integrity of highly sensitive evidences, which can be compromised or damaged by the entry of unauthorized individuals. Most of the time, high profile robberies, murders and other serious crimes make use of this type of police line.

Once the crime scene is preserved with the help of this barrier tape, law enforcement officers and investigators can start searching for evidences that can help solve the crime. These people are authorized to enter the area to look for every piece of evidence available, which they must collect, handle, process and store in the most secured way possible. Once these steps are followed closely, these evidences can now be used in the court of law. These are the reasons why it is very important to set up barriers all around the crime scene. Officially, police lines are always sealed, which makes it easier for law enforcement officers to determine whether unauthorized people have entered the prohibited area.

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