G-Pen Size Guide

For many digital artists, the tablet and pen have become indispensable. When looking for G-Pens, it is the size of the tablets that really matter.

G-Pen Size: Genius G-Pen 560

The Genius G-Pen 560 tablet measures 4.5 x 6 inches with a bronze finish. The unit also comes with a pen holder (the pen is cordless). There are a dozen hotkeys that can be programmed, while the drawing area can be used for both illustrations and writing.

The tablet has a 2000 LPI resolution (125 points per second maximum report rate). The cordless pen has a 1024 level pressure sensitivity. The pen’s buttons can also be programmed. This is ideal for adjusting the thickness of the drawing. The package includes the PhotoImpact XL SE, Office Ink, Power Presenter RE and Free Notes.

G-Pen Size: Genius F610 Ultra

The F610 measures 6 x 10 inches and the pen has a sensitivity pressure level of 1024. The tablet has a slim design. The tablet and cordless pen is compatible with both Mac and Windows. Aside from drawing, the pen can be used for writing and signing your online documents.

The extra large size is meant for artists who need the extra space. There are also buttons that can be programmed. The pen isn’t too sensitive that the slightest movement will produce unwanted lines. The tablet and bundled software (Ulead Photoimpact 12 LE) is compatible with Windows XP.

G-Pen Size: G-Pen 450

The Genius G Pen 450 has a working area measuring 4-by-5.5-inches. The pen has a 1024 pressure sensitivity level. There are also two buttons on the pen that can be programmed. The small size of the device makes it ideal for those on the go. It is compatible with notebook computers.

There are also hotkeys you can use for work and for the Web. This can be used for making shortcuts that accelerate the working and drawing process. The software comes with Adobe Photoshop CS (trial), Annotate All/Word, PenPresenter, PenSigner, Pen Commander and more.

The bundled software allows the user to draw and write as well. The notes you set down can be used in word processors. The tablet is compatible with Windows Vista.

The tablet can also be used for signing your electronic mail messages. This is also useful for jotting down notes.

G-Pen Size: F350 Ultra

The F350 measures 8.7 x 1.6 x 7.9 inches. The pen has a pressure sensitivity level of 1024 and is Windows Vista plug and play compatible. The device also comes with handwriting recognition.

The slim design of the unit is meant to make it easier to set up and place. The tablet and pen can function both as a drawing tool and for writing. The tablet and pen is meant for those who are just starting out on digital drawing.

For new digital artists, the sensitivity of the pen is more important than the working size. Some may prefer very sensitive pens while others don’t. If you’re a veteran user, the tablet and G-Pen size will be more important.

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