Largest External Hard Drive

The largest external hard drive you can buy has a capacity of 6 terabytes (6 TB). That is big enough to fit about 1,200 DVD movies. However, these sizes are still quite rare. The most common jumbo sized hard disk is in the 500 GB range.


The hard disk is that part of the computer that contains data. The data consists of the operating system, the installed programs and all your files. In terms of function and design, the external drive is no different from the internal hard disk. The only difference is that the disk is not inside the computer casing.

The external hard disk has become popular for a number of reasons. You can use the drive as a back up disk for all your important files. The widespread use of the Web has increased the danger of getting viruses. Rather than back up all your files in hundreds of CDs, it is easier to copy them in a single disk.

Restoring Corrupt Files

Having the largest external hard drive also makes it easy to restore all your files in case a program is corrupted. The extra disk space also means you have more space for mp3 files, videos, DVD movies, pictures and so on. A single hard drive may seem big, but they can get filled up in a hurry. Having an external disk will remove all these problems.


These external disks are of course outside the computer. However, they are equipped with an enclosure. This is bigger than the disk. Most of them have a fan or some sort of cooling system installed.

This encasement is necessary so data can be stored without requiring it to be placed in the computer casing. The disk is hooked up to the computer by way of a high speed cable.

It is this cable that permits the disk to link up with your PC and copy files back and forth. The most widely used interfaces are Firewire and USB.

Other Information

These external storage devices are not difficult to run. In fact, most of them are simply plug and play. As long as your computer recognizes USB or Firewire, there shouldn’t be any problems.

If you are looking for the largest external hard drives, they may be difficult to find in stores. Most of the disks sold there max out at 500GB. It is easier to search online. You will most likely find the terabyte drives there.

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