What is the Size of a Coffee Grinder?

If you want freshly ground coffee in the morning to start the day right, a coffee grinder might just turn out to be your best friend.

Coffee grinders come in various makes, sizes and brands and some of the best ones are those manufactured by some of the world’s most trusted names in small kitchen appliances.

What is the Size of a Coffee Grinder?

If you’ve never had a coffee grinder before and you would want to purchase one now, you would of course want to know what sizes coffee grinders come in. This will help you determine how many cups of coffee you would want the coffee grinder to produce.

The size can likewise help you pick a spot on your kitchen tabletop specifically for the coffee grinder.

As for the specifications that may help you answer, “What is the size of a coffee grinder?” this small kitchen gadget may come in the following dimensions: 15.2 centimeters in height by 15.2 centimeters in width by 7.6 centimeters in depth.

This size can generally produce a maximum of ten cups of coffee per use.

If you wish to make more than ten cups per use, there are also larger models of coffee grinders.

Now, what is the size of a coffee grinder that can produce up to twelve cups per use?

For a 12-cup coffee grinder, you can find this in the following size specifications: 8.58 inches in height by 4.13 inches in width by 4.53 inches in depth. For these measurements, the weight of the product is usually around 2.21 pounds.

Large Capacity Coffee Grinders

For larger households or for those who drink more than a cup of coffee at a time an even larger model is also available which can produce up to sixteen cups for each use.

What is the Size of a Coffee Grinder of this Capacity?

A 16-cup coffee grinder can measure about 11.5 inches in height by 6.5 inches in width by 5.8 inches in length and can weigh up to 3.5 pounds.

One other bigger-sized coffee grinder can measure approximately 13.5 inches in height by 6 inches in width by 12 inches in depth and can weigh around 10 pounds.

Generally, the size and features of the coffee grinder also affects its price. The bigger the size and the more features it has, the more expensive it will be.

Tip: Ground your coffee beans just at the amount that you will be using per serving. Ground coffee can only stay fresh for up to seven days while coffee beans generally stay fresh for up to thirty days.

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