What is the Size of a Fishing Reel?

Fishing reel sizes offered by manufacturers differ. The Bauer Mackenzie SL M1SL weighs 4 oz and has a 3-1/4 inch diameter. It has a 4-5 fly line. The Cabela’s Prestige Plus Fly Reel 1 has a 3-4 fly line and 3 inch diameter. Other sizes are available.


The reel is a device designed for fishing line retrieval and deployment. This is made possible with an axle and spool mounted on it. These devices are often used in angling. These are frequently used with rods.

But there are some models that can be set directly on transoms. The oldest reels date from 1195 AD. It was in 1650 AD that the reel made its first appearance in England. Since then it became widespread.

Fly Reels

These are single-action, manual designs. A handle is turned on the reel’s side and rotates the spool. This gets the line. The centerpin reel is also utilized in coarse fishing.

Depending on the fishing reel sizes it may be used for trotting on a quick flowing body of water. Usually a float is pulled due to the rapid current, but this reel releases the line automatically.

Bait Casting Reel

Here the line is set on a revolving spool. It is set over the rod. This type of reel goes back to the 17th century. It was during the 1870s when the device became popular with anglers. The early models were built from iron gears or brass. Rubber or brass were used for the castings.

Operation was done by reel inverting and back winding. This meant the handle had to be set on the right side. That is the reason why most models today have the cranks at the right hand side. Most of the reels today are made from synthetic composite materials, stainless steel or aluminum.


The reel and rod are cast by having the rod move backwards. It is then snapped forward. The rod is gripped with the reel handles looking up. At the forward cast, the lure weight pulls off the reel line. The lure is halted with the thumb. This is also the way to keep the spool from overrunning. Backlash is limited with a centrifigal braking system.

The fishing reel sizes and other specifications can be seen In the manufacturers’ websites. If you are going to buy one, it is important to focus on all the details. You need to be certain it meets all your requirements.

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