How Big is The Biggest Lego Ever Built

The answer as to what is the largest Lego ever built depends on the dimensions specified. The tallest Lego tower is 29.97 m (98 ft 4 in) high, made in Munich on October 4, 2009. 500,000 bricks were used. The longest is 1578.8 m (5179 ft) built in February 13, 2005 in Le Gru, Grugliasco, Italy. 2,901,760 bricks were needed.

Biggest Lego Mini Figure Scale (55:1)

It is the Lego Millyard Project in Manchester, US in the SEE Science Center. The project occupied a space over 200 sq m (2,200 sq ft).

Biggest Lego Image

An image of a Lego tractor measuring 13.61 m (44 ft 8 in) x 5.95 m (19 ft 6 3/8 in) was made on October 2007 in Ohio. 250 children made it using over 1.2 million bricks.

Biggest Lego Car

No discussion of the largest Lego ever built is complete without mentioning the biggest car. Called the Lego Super Car, it is 4.72 m (15 ft 5 inches) long, 2.28 m (7 ft 5 inches) wide and 1.24 m (4 ft 10 inches) high. It weighs more than 1 ton. Over 650,000 Lego parts were used. It took 1,500 hours to design and 4,000 hours to build it.

Biggest Lego Ship

A Lego container ship 7.29 m long was made by a team led by René Hoffmeister of Germany. Built on Oct 2009, the ship is comprised of over 40,000 parts.

Biggest Train and Train Track

Records for the largest Lego ever built will show the longest track is 1019 m (3343 ft) long. It was constructed by the Pacific Northwest Lego Train Club in Seattle, Washington. The longest train consists of 127 carriages, which was made in December 2000.

Biggest Bridge, Castle and Crane

The longest bridge is 37 m (122 ft) long. It was made on October 26, 2003 in Berlin. The biggest castle was made in Ohio in 2008. The tallest crane is almost 20 ft high. It is a scale model of the Liebherr LR-11200.

Other Large Lego Projects

The largest Lego ever built underwater is a castle made up of 36,000 pieces (Aufkirchen, Germany). The longest Lego chain is 565 m (1854 ft). It has 2,211 chain links and comprised of 424,512 bricks.

The tallest statue depicts Sitting Bull in Denmark. The statue stands 7.6 m high and composed of 1.5 million bricks. The designer was Bjorn Richter.

The biggest Lego portrait measures 3 m x 3 m (10 ft x 10 ft). The image is of actor and TV host Dean Cain. The biggest display of mini figures was set on July 2008.

It consisted of 35,310 Clone Trooper Lego mini-figs. The largest commercially sold Lego piece is the Taj Mahal which has 5922 pieces. When built, it stands 41 cm (16 in) high and 51 cm (20 in) wide.

It will only be a matter of time before another set lays claim to the title of the largest Lego ever built. From cars to castles, it seems there is no limit to people’s creativity when it comes to building with Lego.

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