Size of Drum Cymbals

There are many different drum cymbal sizes as there are types. For example, crash cymbals measure 16, 18 or 20. As a rule, the smaller it is, the “brighter” and deeper the sound will be. There are also 18 inch china, 20 inch ride and 10 inch splash cymbals.

Cymbal Types and Variants

There are different types so diverse sounds can be produced. Generally, the suspended and crash cymbals are utilized at the orchestra. The crash cymbals are typically utilized two at a time. When the instruments are used this way, they are known as clash cymbals. If used alone, a strap is connected to the rear.

How the instruments Work

In spite of popular belief, the sound is not produced by crashing the instruments together. Instead, the sound is generated by sliding them across one another. This causes the instrument to rub against each other. By utilizing this movement, different sounds can be attained.

The instruments are suspended in the air when being utilized. A strap or rope is employed to hang these devices. This allows vibrations without causing obstruction.

Playing Suspended Cymbals

A specially designed mallet is used for playing them. Different sounds are produced depending on which part is hit. They can produce sharp or quiet sounds. The instruments are also used with drums, so many of them are included in drum kits.

Majority of drum kits sold have high hat or crash cymbals. The drum cymbal sizes differ per drum kit. However, most of them are variants of the suspended type.

Instead of being suspended in the air, these are positioned at a horizontal position at the kit. Here, the individual hits the cymbals using a drumstick. The instruments may also be struck with special brushes. This is required to generate a wispy effect.

High Hats

These are positioned at a stand when part of a drum kit. A pedal is situated at the stand’s bottom. This permits the drummer to use these devices properly. The cymbals can then be closed or shut simply by using the foot.

Repetitive openings and closing can be utilized to generate distinct sounds. It is also possible for the person to strike the instruments when they are closed or open.

Since there are many different cymbal sizes, it can be confusing for the beginner. The best way to overcome this is by examining the different types being sold. You can also try different combinations to see which sounds right.

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