Size of an Acoustic Guitar

Choosing from the different acoustic guitar sizes can be difficult for first time buyers. But for those 13 years and older, the full size will be sufficient.

Recommended Size Guide

For kids 8 to 11 years old, the 3/4 size is sufficient. The 1/2 size is for those who are 5 to 8 years old. The smallest, 1/4 size, is for those 4 to 6 years old.

Aside from the different sizes, these guitars are available in different shapes. These include the following.

Compact, Baby, Backpacker or Travel

These are compact players designed for individuals with small physiques. These are also ideal for those who are always on the road. Many have unique shapes, but others are simply scaled down versions of their full-sized counterparts.

Grand Concert

The Martin Guitars laid the standards for identifying acoustic guitar sizes by numbers. The scale begins at 5 (the smallest). The scale goes up to 0000. This is the Grand Auditorium. The 0000 is bigger than the 000.

The 000 is larger than the 00. Some of these instruments have a dozen frets rather than the 14 found in other instruments. These sizes are known for their superior treble and bass range.

The Grand Auditorium has a thinner waist compared to the Dreadnought. The body is also smaller. The sound focuses on the mid and treble sections.


This is the most popular guitar sold today. The body is large. The sound produced are low booms and mid range tones. It is also noted for its volume and sustain. Beginners however, may find it difficult to handle the guitar due to its size. However, it remains very popular due to the sound it produces.

Jumbo Size

As the name implies, this instrument is larger than the regular instrument. They are capable of producing powerful sounds at the lower range.

Classic / Folk

Many guitars sold are labeled as “folk” or “classic”. However, they are difficult to classify because the sizes vary a great deal. The tones are also very diverse.


There are other types of guitar available. Manufacturers tend to change the styles to suit different needs and tastes. There are 6 and 12 string models being sold too.

The many different acoustic guitar sizes should not confound you. Instead, use it to your advantage. Playing with the right size will make the experience more exciting. It also simplifies the learning curve for beginning players.

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