Billiard Table Dimensions

There are many kinds of cue sports available out there, all of which are guaranteed to bring excitement and fun to various kinds of people.billardtable Games like cushion caroms, snooker and nine-ball are just few of the many favorites all over the world. These games are played on a billiard table, which is a table known for its unique flat surface. To have a better understanding of where the game is usually played, here is a closer look at the different billiard table dimensions.

Dimensions of Billiard Tables

Tables for Pool or Pocket Billiards

Amongst the various cue sports out there, highly fascinating games like nine ball, eight ball and straight pool are played on this specific type of billiard table. In terms of dimensions, this specific type of table is very much different from the tables used for other enjoyable cue sports like snooker and carom billiards. This particular type of table is subdivided further into three different types, namely 7-foot tables, 8-foot tables as well as 9-foot tables. In terms of surface, the length of a 7-foot table is measured at 76 inches long, while the width is set at 38 inches. For the 8-foot table, the length is set at 92 inches while the width is officially 46 inches. The 9-foot table is also different, with official length set at 100 inches, while the width is 50 inches. In tournament play, the World Pool-Billiard Association only recognizes the 8-foot and 9-foot versions.

Tables for Snooker

The snooker table is without a doubt one of the highly popular types of table in cue sports. In terms of width, it measures 1,778 millimeters or 5 feet and 10 inches. The length is another thing, which is usually set at 3,569 millimeters or 8.5 inches. A smaller variant of this table type is also available, wherein the width is 5 feet and 10.5 inches while the length is 9 feet and 5 inches. From the floor, the top cushion has a height of somewhere between 2 feet and 9.5 inches and 2 feet and 10.5 inches.

Tables for Carom Billiards

The absence of pockets is one of the major differences of this specific type of table from that of pool and snooker. Straight rail, three-cushion billiards as well as cushion caroms are just few of the many games played here. In terms of length, the measurement is set at 9.32 inches. On the other hand, the width is set at 4.66 feet. The height of the table from the ground up to the playing surface usually varies, but is basically set somewhere around 29.53 inches to 31.5 inches.

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