Waffle Iron Size Guide

All waffle irons are used to make waffles. However, these devices are now available in various styles and do the job in different ways. These are just some of the products that are available.

Waffle Iron Dimensions: Cuisinart WAF-6 Traditional-Style

The Cuisinart WAF-6 Traditional-Style waffle iron measures 15-1/4 by 6-8/9 by 13-4/7 inches. The unit is encased in stainless steel. It can make half a dozen waffles simultaneously. This makes it ideal for use in breakfast or concocting desserts.

There are half a dozen setting browning controls so family members can set their own preferences. The controls allow you to choose from light to dark gold waffles. There is a green light indicator that notifies you when to fill it up and when to take out the waffles.

A red light indicates the power is on. The baking plates are nonstick, so cleaning up is easy. The sides are a bit flared. This is to ensure any drips are caught.

Waffle Iron Dimensions: Chef’s Choice 830 Waffle Pro

The Chef’s Choice 830 waffle iron weighs 5 lbs. it emits a beeping sound when the waffles are done, so they are never over or undercooked. This waffle iron has settings for uniform texture and crisp exterior/moist interior.

The cooking surface does not require oil. Coming in a chrome and black color, the waffle iron is compact, so it does not take up too much room. There is also a drip edge so any overflowing ingredients do not spill on the floor. The compact size also makes the unit very easy to clean up afterwards. 

Waffle Iron Dimensions: Cuisinart WAF-R Traditional Waffle Iron

The Cuisinart WAF-R measures 11.5 x 12 x 6.5 inches. The unit can make one big waffle and has 6 custom settings. A red light indicator informs you if the unit is on, while the green light indicates it is ready to bake.

There is also an audible tone to notify you in case you do not see the light. The plates are nonstick so they can be cleaned up without too much trouble. The Cuisinart WAF-R also has cool to touch handles so you do not get burned. The lid will snap into place and the cords can be wrapped. This makes it easy to set aside.

Waffle Iron Dimensions: Rome’s #1100

Rome’s #1100 waffle iron measures 10 x 6.8 x 1 inches. It can make 6 inch diameter waffles, with crispy textures on the outside and very tender in the middle. The device is intended for use on camping stoves or burners.

The cycle time is also rapid as long as the temperatures are kept high. There are also handles included to make it easier to manage. To use the waffle iron, the iron must be seasoned. To do this, just put the iron in boiling water, soap and then wash it.

The info above shows that waffle iron dimensions differ per manufacturer. If you want to use one, think of how many waffles you like to make. That should be your major consideration when buying.

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