How Large is a BBQ Pit?

BBQ pit sizes can be of any height, width or depth. It all depends on the setting. For a basic pit, a hole 3 feet deep and 3 feet wide will be sufficient. If you are going to barbecue a lot, make the hole bigger.

Widespread Popularity

Cooking over barbecue is popular not just in the US but also in other countries. This is due to the extra flavor it gives the food. The charcoal, wood and open air brings extra taste and zest to the food. There are many types of pit you can use.

Cinder Block Pits

First you select a fire resistant metal or rock surface. Now determine the pit dimensions and height. For stability’s sake, you should make the cinder block pit 3 feet in diameter. Making it at least 2 feet high is recommended. Mark the outline of the pit and start putting the cinder blocks in place. Always place the blocks over cracks or joints.

Two to three block layers will be enough. If you make it too high, the meat will be set too far from the fire. This will reduce the cooking time regardless of the BBQ pit size. When you are done, place the grill grates on.

Brick BBQ Pits

These are somewhat more difficult to build. Again, any size can be used, although many like to make it at least 8 inches deep. Place the mortar and gravel in the pit. Add some cinder blocks by the pit side.

Once you get to the top, set the bricks on the sides. Add as many bricks as possible to reach the desired height. When you are finished, set the grill grates and metal braces in place.

Tractor Tire Rims

You can use any rim size. Position the rim on its side and set on a fire resistant surface. Set bricks or large rocks around it. Put just enough so the rim does not move. The final step is to get a grill that is bigger than the rim. Place it on top.

Other Information

The location is very important. No matter what the style is, ensure there is sufficient space for the smoke to flow. Do not attempt this in clogged areas. Avoid setting the pit near flammable objects.

When determining the BBQ pit size, it is best to overestimate your needs. It is better to make a pit that is larger than what you need than get stuck with a smaller one.

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