Lobster Pick Dimensions

One interesting trivia about lobster is that this famously luxurious gastronomic delicacy was once considered as food for those who were too destitute to eat anything but lobster. In fact, members of the lower class of society such as indentured servants would often indicate in their employment contracts that they should not be fed lobster more than twice a week. Moreover, it is disdained by most gastronomes because of their unappetizing resemblance to another poor man’s food—the locust, from which was derived the lobster’s Latin name of “locusta.” In due time, food preferences shifted and demand for lobsters increased pushing up prices and elevating the lowly lobster into a luxurious and expensive delicacy that only the rich can afford. Entire industries built around the lobster have flourished over the years, from lobster fishing to fancy restaurants and tableware specially designed for eating lobsters. Lobster pick dimensions, for instance, are typically long and narrow to allow easy removal of tasty morsels of meat from hard to reach parts of the prepared lobster.

Usually made of stainless steel, the lobster pick has a two-pronged fork that makes it easy to spear and extract meat from small cavities such as legs and claws. The other end of the pick is shaped like a tiny spoon designed to scoop and scrape meat from tight portions of the lobster. Other designs feature a blunt end that is meant for digging into lobster cavities to scrape loose morsels of meat, then extracted using the pronged end of the lobster pick. Dimensions of this eating utensil generally range from 7.50 to 7.75 inches and weight almost as much as a teaspoon. Another material used in making lobster picks is hard plastic, which makes them a cheaper, and disposable alternative to the more expensive metal picks. Plastic lobster picks can be obtained in the area where casual restaurants keep their napkins and other plastic eating utensils such as spoons and forks. On the other hand, when you order lobster off the menu in fine dining restaurants, stainless lobster picks, lobster crackers and a bowl of warm water for cleaning your fingers are usually brought along with the lobster entrée.

Lobster pick dimensions and design not only make them ideal for eating lobsters but can be used as well to make it easier to scoop out and eat every single morsel of delicious meat from crayfish, crabs and other shellfish. Before you spear that piece of white meat with you lobster pick, remember to squeeze some lemon on your lobster entrée then dip it in drawn butter and savor that unforgettable culinary experience.

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