6 Foot Pool Table Dimensions

6 foot pool table dimensions are available online and in many stores. However, it is not as common as the 7 ft (2.1 m), 8 ft (2.4 m) or 9-foot (2.7 m) tables. Though the lengths may differ, the table will always be a rectangle. The 2:1 ratio is always applied.


Tables that are six feet long are made for home / entertainment use. The compact size makes it ideal for playing games at home. However, it is not used in professional pool or billiards; it just isn’t long enough for attempting intricate shots. The 8 ft and 9 ft tables are the ones used in professional tourneys. There are also some tournaments that allow 7 ft tables to be used. Some 7 ft tables are also played at home.


Because 6 foot pool table dimensions are made for home use, their design and manufacturing are different from those of other tables. These tables usually use composites for the playing surface. Other variants have to be assembled before they can be used. Some of these pieces are so complex professionals must put them together.

However, there are now some tables that feature better quality surface felt and solid slate surfaces. These used to be available only on 7 ft tables. High quality six foot tables have predictable bumpers and padded leather pockets. Many players prefer these features because playing is smoother.


Most six foot tables are not as wide as 7 footers. If you want to play with a six footer, you need a room space of 12 feet 3 inches x 15 feet. A larger room is needed for a 7 foot table; 12 feet 9 inches x 16 feet.

If you can spare more room that is even better. However, it will be very difficult to play if the room is less than the dimensions given. It isn’t just the space for the table that matters. You must also take into account the area needed by players to move around.

Price and Other Information

Six footer tables are cheaper than 7 to 9 footers. It is not just because of their length. It is also because of the materials used. 6 footers are also easier to move around. The smaller scale means kids can play with shorter cue sticks.

Because of these features, 6 foot pool table dimensions have become popular in the US. They are also available in other parts of the world.

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