How Big Should You Build Your Swimming Pool?

Also called by other names like wading pool or swimming bath, a swimming pool is a place where people can have fun, swimming poolrelax and enjoy all at the same time. It is a perfect place to spend some quality time with family members, relatives as well as friends. During days when the weather is so hot, there is nothing more relaxing than to spend some time taking refreshing dips right in the pool. In order to know how big you should build your swimming pool, it is important to determine the intended purpose of this important recreational facility.

The Different Types of Swimming Pool and Their Dimensions

There are several major types of swimming pool, the dimensions of each particular kind varying one from the other. In terms of depth, pools in the United States usually measure 50 meters for long course pools, while short course pools usually measure 25 meters. The pools used for high school and college competitions are commonly 22.86 meters or 25 yards. In some cases, the pools are longer at 33 1/3-meters long, which make it easier to measure the distance of 100 meters.

In many places in Europe, the usual width of swimming pools ranges from 10 meters to 50 meters. In terms of depth, pools vary depending on the intended purpose. For instance, if a pool is intended to be relaxing, casual and private, its depth usually ranges from 1 meter to 2 meter or 3 feet to 7 feet. If a pool is designed for diving, its depth may stand somewhere between 3.0 meters to 5.5 meters or 10 feet to 18 feet. If the pool is designed specifically for children, the depth may only run from as little as 30 centimeters to 1.2 meters or about 1 foot to 4 feet.

Additional Information and Other Highly Interesting Details

Compared to public pools, private pools are much smaller. If you wish to build a private pool, the appropriate size is 4.8 meters by 9.6 meters or 16 feet by 32 feet. On the other hand, those who want to build a public pool may create one that measures close to 25 meters long. Primarily, this type of pool is designed with a rectangular shape, some of which can go as long as 50 meters.

Pools designed for international competitions are usually longer. Based on the standards set by the Federation Internationale de la Natation, competition pools must measure about 25 meters or 50 meters long. In terms of depth, every pool must be at least 1.35 meters deep. Meanwhile, there are also exercise pools, the average measurement of which is 2.5 meters by 5 meters only.

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