Coffee Table Dimensions

Since its emergence sometime in the late Victorian era, the coffee table has become part and parcel of most living rooms. As the years went by, their style evolved.

Coffee Table Dimensions: Kartell Usame

The Kartell Usame coffee table is 840 mm wide, 40 mm deep and 280 mm high. It can be used both as a table and a holder for magazines. The design also allows it to be utilized as a cabinet or side table to store any number of items. The Kartell Usame coffee table can also be used as a bed tray.

There are transparent and colored PMMA versions. The table is laden with ginko floral ornaments. Other versions are batch dyed PMMA crystal, green, red, black opaque and light blue. They are also in grey, orange and pale smoke.

Coffee Table Dimensions: Sovet Trix

The Sovet Trix coffee table comes in three sizes. The small Sovet Trix is 400 mm wide, 400 mm deep and 350 mm high. The medium Sovet is 480 mm wide, 440 mm deep and is 390 mm high. The large Sovet Trix coffee table is 560 mm wide, 490 mm deep and 430 mm high.

Like other coffee tables, the Trix can be used on its own or as part of a design. The coffee table is available in clear plate or lacquered. The Sovet Trix coffee tables have versions with two tone painting. Other materials and finishes are lacquered glass (milky), gold / white, glass red and mocha.

Coffee Table Dimensions: B-Line 4/4 and Bontempi Round

The B-Line 4/4 coffee table is 300 mm high and has a diameter measuring 1000 mm. It is primarily a coffee table but can also be used as a bookcase.

The B-Line 4/4 also comes with inserts, allowing it to be stacked and designed by the homeowner. The coffee table is made up of injection molded ABS plastic. The table is available in yellow, orange, red and white.

The Bontempi Round coffee table is fitted with wheels for easy movement and the frame is made of metal. There are two finish types available: matt aluminum and chrome finish. The tops are available in black lacquered glass, gloss white or red. The coffee table dimensions are 500 mm x 500 mm (height x diameter).

Origin and History

After the coffee table came out during the Victorian era, it became widely used along with center tables, end tables and the tea tables. Around the 1780s, the low back sofas were becoming popular, leading to the appearance of the coffee table as we know it today.

One of the earliest models was made by E. W. Goodwin in 1868. However there are some who contend that the low style table emerged around the 1870s. There are even some low table styles that were used in ancient Greece.

Coffee tables are available in modern or classical designs; what you choose depends on your home’s design. Of course, the coffee table dimensions must fit the arrangement of your living room.

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