What is the Size of a Study?


A study room can be used for many things like doing homework, research, reading or just relaxing. But mostly it will be used for research. This means certain considerations have to be addressed when designing the room. 

Study Room Size

The average dorm room size is 12’ x 19’. If you have the space, you can use these figures so your study room will be similar to the one used in colleges. But even if that isn’t possible you can always use other rooms in the house. 

The spare bedroom can be turned into the study room. If space is limited, you will have to choose the furniture you put in there carefully so it doesn’t get crowded. 

Choosing the Right Color 

The colors should be soft or subdued. Since you will be using this room for study, it can easily lead to stress and weariness. The colors should make you feel relaxed. 

Blue colored walls have a calming effect. Some people prefer warm blue shades while others like lighter blues. Another good choice is green. Avoid bright colors like red, orange and yellow. If the study room size is large, seeing all those bright colors may cause tension, especially when studying. 

Bookcases and Bookshelves 

Look for a bookshelf that has numerous shelves to save space. If space is limited, get a bookcase that is tall rather than long. This will allow you to take advantage of the vertical space. Position the bookshelf against the wall. 

Arrange the books by subject matter. Make sure you separate the books you use for study with those you read for pleasure. Put some knickknacks in the shelves if you can’t fill them up. 

Adding the Furniture 

The study room size will determine what kind of furniture you can put in the room. You will need a couch and a recliner. If there’s space, get two recliners. Set the couch by the wall so it doesn’t take too much room. Where you put the recliner is up to you. You will also need a table next to the couch for the lamp. 

The size of the desk you get will depend on how you’re going to use it. If you’re using a laptop, a compact desk will be sufficient. A bigger desk will be needed if you have a desktop computer and a mini tower. 

There are many computer desks available, so look for the one that fits you. You will need a cabinet to store all those files, papers and documents. 

Other Amenities 

If you spend a lot of time in the study, consider putting a mini fridge there. This will save you the trouble of getting up and heading to the kitchen. You can add some plants or paintings if you like. Some people find their presence relaxing. Don’t forget to use adequate lighting. 

Finally, remember that the study room size is not as important as how you make use of the space. Even a small room will be adequate provided you arrange the furniture correctly. 

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