Golf Swing Length

There are a lot of things that can be said about golf swing lengths. There are actually two sides in the argument regarding how long or how short one’s golf swing should be. Each argument has its own merit and everything will be left to every individual’s preference. One side of the argument advances the idea that there should be different golf swing lengths.

On the other hand, the other side of the argument claims that it doesn’t really matter whether you swing long or short. We’ll look into both sides of the argument and let you decide for yourself which side you will take.

Side One: Different Golf Swing Lengths are Necessary

The first side of the argument on golf swing lengths is that there are prescribed golf swing lengths depending on what club you use. According to this argument, you should use a different swing length for iron and a different one for wood. You will swing short or long depending on what type of golf club you have in mind to use. This side basically argues that swing length matters so that your game will be effective.

You will basically use long swings when using a 3-iron, 4-iron, or 5-iron. You will also have a different long iron swings for 6-iron and 7-iron, which are the middle irons. Also, according to this line of reasoning, you basically should have a short shot for the short irons. If you use a 3-wood or a driver, you basically should use the same golf swing length as you would a long iron shot.

It is said that your swing length will become more noticeable when you work on your mid-iron shots. When working with your mid-irons it is recommended that you hit the ball on the downswing. This will guarantee that you will get the most spin on the ball.

Side Two: It Makes No Difference

The other side of the argument is that golf swing lengths don’t really matter. The counter argument to the premise made earlier deems that you can lead in the next PGA tour even if the top of your swing doesn’t have a parallel club shaft.

By sheer observation one may find that many golfing greats do not demonstrate perfect swings every single time. The interesting thing is that they remain at the top of their league in spite of not getting the recommended swing lengths. To those who are molded into the technical aspects of the game, this might seem naive.

However, one can easily prove or disprove the observation by paying attention to how the best of the pros play. The argument even goes on to recommend that your swing can be as short or as long as you want it to be as long as you’re not doing it recklessly. Long swings are quite alright just because of big shoulder turns.

You don’t need to rework short swings. However, if you have short swings because you’re just plain too rigid lacking lower body motion then you will have something to adjust. However, the thing you need to work on is not the swing but the lack of lower body motion. This side of the argument on swing lengths aims to resolve the issues behind the swing and not the swing itself.

Every Player’s Choice

Whichever of the two competing arguments you decide to choose, it just ends up as your own personal choice. A third option is to look for tidbits you can pick up from both sides. Swing length is still an arguable issue in golf.

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