Dimensions of a Full Size Quilt

A type of bedding consisted of at least two layers that are combined by tying and quilting, a quilt has various uses such as a bed covering, decoration, armory, traditional gift and commemoration. It has different types including log cabin quilts, Amish quilts and Baltimore album quilts. Additionally, this bedding comes in different sizes depending on bed measurements. Know more about its sizes by learning the dimensions of a full size quilt.

Full Size Quilt Dimensions

What are the standard dimensions of a full size quilt? A quilt used for a full bed mattress is usually 80 inches long and 80 inches wide. It is smaller than a queen size quilt, which has a length of 90 inches to 100 inches and a width of 90 inches to 98 inches. On the other hand, it is bigger than a twin or single size quilt, which is 86 inches long and 68 inches wide.

Additional Information and Other Important Details About Quilts

Amish quilts are very popular because they reflect the lifestyle and religious beliefs of Amish people in the United States. They usually feature a plain background that compliments vigorous stitching patterns. Despite their extravagant prices, they are still popular to quilt collectors and enthusiasts.

Baltimore album quilts are known for featuring floral designs and block stitching patterns. They were popularized in the 1840s at Baltimore in Maryland. They are commonly featured in antique shops and quilt auctions.

Aside from Amish and Baltimore album quilts, log cabin quilts are also famous to quilt enthusiasts in the United States. They combine dark and light fabrics to make different interesting patterns. Moreover, they are characterized by fabric strips that encircle a square on the center of this bedding.

After identifying its types, it is also interesting to know more about the other method used in making quilts. Tying is an alternative method used to tie the different layers of a quilt. It can be done using a ribbon, thread or yarn. This technique is easier to apply than quilting. Tied quilts are known in other names such as comforters, comforts or laps.

Quilts are important to the history of some countries including Italy and the United States. Attractive quilts made by early people are featured in popular museums such as the New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa and the Museum of the American Quilter’s Society. However, the largest collection of quilts is featured at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s International Quilt Study Center.

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