Dimensions of a Fretsaw

Fretsaw dimensions vary with some blades 5 inches long and some a bit longer than that. The width varies, with some 6 to 8 inches wide. The weights of the fretsaws are around 6 to 8 ounces.

General Description

The fretsaw is a type of saw used for making elaborate cutting. They are often used for creating curves. In terms of function, it is similar to a coping saw. However, the fretsaw comes with a tighter radii. This makes the tool more useful for making detailed and delicate jobs.

It is also noted for its unique appearance. While the fretsaw dimensions may vary, the frame depth is usually around 10 to 20 inches. Aside from the frame depth, the somewhat short blade is responsible for giving it a distinct appearance.

Differences with the Coping Saw

Unlike the coping saw, the fretsaw is fitted with shallow blades (this can be up to 32 tpi). What this means is that the tighter curves may be sawed. If there are numerous blades, the sharp corners and edges can be cut.

The drawback is that the blades are more delicate than those of the coping saw. Also unlike the coping saw, the fretsaw comes with a fixed orientation with respect to the frame relation. This means the fretsaw can be used to go deeper from the board edge. However it is less effective when it comes to handling narrow parts.

Its many features make the fretsaw similar to the scroll saw. The scroll saw, in fact can be likened to a fretsaw with the table. In fact the fretsaw and scroll saw blades can be exchanged. It isn’t uncommon for people to refer to scroll saws as fret saws.


Due to its design, the fretsaw is typically utilized with the blade and handle aligned on a vertical axis. This has the effect of limiting the torque. The same effect is produced if the device is fitted with a smaller frame. The drawback with a smaller frame is that it reduces the amount of parts that may be used.

The fretwork table is composed of metal or wood. Clamps are set to the workbench edge. It is also known as the V-board. This can also be used when working with the device.

Because of its unusual features and the different fretsaw dimensions, a novice user should study the components and how it is handled. This will make it easier to work with the tool.

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