What is the Size of a 9mm Handgun?

The 9mm handgun dimensions are among the most diverse due to the larger number of variants around. The Arcus 98 DA has a 4.66″ barrel, while the Baby Eagle 9900BL has a 3.64″ barrel. The CZ 75b & 85b barrel is 4.70″ and the CZ P07 Duty is 3.80″. The Jimenez JA-9 is 3.50” and the Kel-Tec P-11 is 3.10″. The following are other variants of this firearm.

9mm Kurz

Also known as the Short, it is widely used in indoor firing if there is no ear protection. Unlike other models, the recoil and noise has been reduced. The Kurz does not pierce body armor. If the firearm will be used for self defense or hunting, hollow-point ammo is suitable. The firearm can be used against creatures below 50 lbs. It will work best if fired at close range.


The gun is also known as the Luger or 9mm NATO. It is currently the most popular firearm on the planet. The 9mm handgun dimensions have made it easier to produce ammo for it. The gun can penetrate body armor. However, it does not have the power of higher caliber guns. The gun can stop creatures up to 150 lbs up close. There is also special ammunition available.


These are Czech made handguns. They entered the US after the collapse of the USSR. It is one of the cheaper 9mm handguns around. However, it is known for its reliability. The design is very basic and is typically made of steel. The CZ has a hard plastic for grip. But there are rubber grips sold too.

How to Fire the Beretta

This is the most commonly used 9mm in the US Armed Forces. The steps for using it are as follows. Set the gun in safe; turn the lever until the red dot is concealed. Put a magazine in the gun. To chamber, pull back the slide.

After a round is in the chamber, remove the safety by pulling up the lever until the red dot is visible. Hold the trigger with your finger. Point at the target and squeeze the trigger. Do not pull the trigger because the gun will turn. Put on the safety when you are done firing.

Regardless of the 9mm handgun dimensions you use, always handle the weapon as though it is loaded. Never put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to shoot. You must also be aware not just of the target, but what is near it.

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