What is the Size of a Sport’s Bottle?

Sports bottle sizes are varied. However, many of them are measured in oz or in mL. These bottles have become very popular among athletes as it keeps them hydrated.


There are many commercial products being sold, but their purpose is the same. They are meant to keep you hydrated. Athletes use them when playing long matches. Even non-athletes benefit when they have to work long hours.

Features to Look for

The bottle has to be the ideal size. The suitable size depends on your personal preference. If you are hiking, you probably want to keep a small to medium sized bottle. The second thing you should look at is the design.

No matter what the sports bottle sizes are, they need to have a good grip. It should not slip even if your hands are sweaty. The last thing you want is the sports drink slipping from your hands and making a mess.

The bottle should also be easy to drink from. Some bottles reels too much liquid, while others produce so much they spill. The bottle should be easy to squeeze.

The bottle must not be porous. Some bottles are susceptible to this, particularly if the drink is very cold. The bottle should also be durable. Some bottles leak with just a simple bump or nudge.

Adding Decorations

It is fairly easy to design your own bottle. The simplest way is to draw on the bottles with pens. For example, you can draw or write your name on the bottle. Or you can draw your favorite team’s logo, mascot or their names. Make sure the bottle is dry. In some cases you have to wait for the pen to dry. Another way to decorate it is by putting on some stickers.

There are literally thousands of sports stickers available. Just put them on the bottle carefully. Make sure the sticker is laid flat so wrinkles do not pop up. Be certain you do not put stickers a couple of inches near the mouth of the bottle. You do not have to stick with sports themes. You can also use music, film and other stickers. Just put them on carefully so they look right.

The numerous sports bottle sizes is not the only thing you should check out. You have to be aware of the contents. Read some reviews so you know what it does. The opinions of users can be a real help when choosing what to drink.

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