How Heavy are Aquatic Weights?

The size of aquatic weights differs, although some can weigh around a couple of pounds. There are bigger ones available for those who want to increase their strength even more.

General Information

These weights are designed for strength training and to produce resistance. Along with gloves and flippers, the weights are essential to water aerobics training.

Contrary to popular belief, water aerobics is not just for old folk. People of all ages can participate in it. The addition of weights is ideal for improving muscle tones.


The materials used to make these devices vary per company. But many utilize dense foam-like materials. They also have a spongy surface. In appearance they are pretty much like freehand weights.

At the end of the center handle bar is the foam weight. For the equipment to work, the balance has to be correct. Although the size of aquatic weights differs, it is actually the shape that determines the resistance the person will get.

Benefits and Usage

The weights are an integral part of most water aerobics routines. They are particularly good for shaping the upper body. Several types of workouts can be done with these weights. The most widely used are the curl and the butterfly.

The workouts are usually done at the deep end of a swimming pool. But it can also be done at the pool shallow end. The depth of the water has a direct effect on the resistance the device can offer. If you want more resistance, go to the pool’s deep end. If you want a light exercise, work out at the lighter end.

Flotation Devices

Because they can be utilized as flotation devices, different types of workouts can be performed. They allow you to perform different kinds of exercises even at the pool’s deep parts.

For instance, their buoyancy allows an individual to utilize their body as counterweight. Research has shown that lifting weights with these devices have the same results as when working with free weights.

Safety Precautions

New swimmers are advised to don safety belts when using the weights. These belts are especially recommended when utilizing the weights at the deep parts of a pool. Even veteran swimmers should be careful when attempting complex workouts.

The size of aquatic weights must always be scrutinized prior to working out. The best way to go about this is to get a professional to help you. You can also ask knowledgeable friends for advice.

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