How Large is an Exercise Bench

Choosing the right exercise bench sizes is necessary for anyone who wants to stay fit. Some benches measure 48.8 x 26.4 x 41.2 inches while others are 43.2 x 14.2 x 18.2 inches. Others are larger and measure 53.2 x 24.2 x 15.2 inches.


The exercise or fitness bench is utilized by people who are weight training. Sometimes known as a weight bench, these are typically set low to the ground. This is necessary so correct posture is attained during the workouts. Many of the high end models have adjustable backs.


Almost all these benches have upholstery and are padded. The covering is leather, vinyl or similar material. This makes it comfortable to use no matter what the exercise bench sizes are. The coverings are also sweat resistant. Some of these benches are equipped with vertically set arms.

These are employed for hanging weights. Aside from holding weights, the bench can also be used for leg supports. Some of the benches can also be used for sit-ups. This can be done by reclining the unit all the way down. The leg support can then be used for holding the feet.


These fitness benches ensure that the workouts are done properly. It also promotes flexibility. For instance, doing the bench press on the bench provides more natural movement. After using the weights, the arms can store the weights.

Buying a Fitness Bench

These benches can be found in gyms. However, these can also be used at home. Aside from free weights, these can also be utilized with machine weights. If you are going to set up a gym, a bench will be necessary.

If you are going to buy a bench, make sure to test the product first. Do not buy the bench if you are not allowed to test it. Most of the high quality sporting goods stores allows testing.

Other Considerations

Check the number of ways it can be adjusted. Foam covered hand grips can make it more comfortable to use. The weight capacity must also be checked first.

A low cost piece is a good choice, but it must also be sturdy. Note also that the bench arms are designed to support specific dumbbell weights. This will be indicated in the manual.

Whatever the exercise bench sizes are, almost all of them will require some assembly. Check the manual for instructions on how to assemble the piece.

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