Sizes of Baby Diapers

When it comes to buying baby diapers, there are two major factors for consideration: brands and sizes of baby diapers. The brand basically tells you what the diaper promises to do for your baby, i.e. keeps the baby drier for a longer period of time, “breathable” which means lower risks of developing rashes and comfortable to wear.

However, even if you have carefully and thoroughly looked at which brand will work best for the baby, if you get the wrong size; there could be incidents of leaking and the baby will not feel comfortable wearing it which results in an irritable baby.

Sizes of Baby Diapers

There are basically eight different sizes of baby diapers, each one providing the perfect fit as the baby starts to grow and develop. These sizes are Preemies, Newborn and Sizes 1 through 6.

Choosing the right size basically depends on the baby’s weight. Each size indicates the weight that it will be perfect for.


Preemies are for babies born prematurely or earlier than the expected date of birth, usually about one to two months earlier.

Not all diaper brands have the Preemies size however; some Newborn sizes will fit premature babies. Preemies are best for babies with weights of up to 6 pounds.


Most, if not all, diaper brands carry Newborn sizes of baby diapers. These are ideal for babies with weights of up to ten pounds. Sometimes, Newborn sizes will still fit a baby who is already one month or two months old; depending on how fast your baby grows.

Size 1

The step-up from Newborn sizes of baby diapers is Size 1. This is generally ideal for babies who weigh anywhere from eight up to fourteen pounds. Some brands indicate both the minimum and maximum range of weight the size is best for while other brands will simply indicate the maximum weight.

Size 2

This size can support weights ranging from twelve up to eighteen pounds. While the sizes of baby diapers crossover in weights indicated, i.e. Size 1 says up to fourteen pounds and yet, Size 2 can support a minimum weight of twelve pounds; your choice basically depends on which one will give your baby the most comfort.

Size 3

For this diaper size, you will find that the weights indicated on the label state that this can support babies who weigh anywhere from sixteen up to twenty-eight pounds.

Sizes 4

A Size 4 diaper is ideal for babies with weights ranging from twenty-two up to thirty-seven pounds. Usually, this diaper size is for toddlers which means that sometimes, the labels will also indicate Toddler as its size.

This is for kids aged three years and over.

Size 5

This size is also a Toddler size. From this point on, you may simply see labels that indicate the minimum weight the diapers can support. For instance, you will simply see a Size 5 diaper as indicating for kids twenty-seven pounds and up.

Size 6

As with Size 5, you may simply see the minimum weight the diaper can support. A Size 6 diaper can support kids who weigh thirty-five pound and up.

Choosing sizes of baby diapers does not necessarily mean that you also have to take into account your baby’s age. Since babies develop at different rates, the labels therefore do not indicate what age the baby needs to be prior to using any specific size.

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