Sizes of Baby Car Seats

Car seats are among the baby essentials that parents should get to keep the baby safe and secure while traveling in the car. In most countries, it is against the law to have the baby in the car without the support of an appropriate baby car seat.

As with most any item made for babies, there are various sizes suitable for each specific stage of the baby’s growth development. Sizes of baby car seats will often indicate the minimum and maximum weight capacity the car seat can support.

Sizes of Baby Car Seats

When shopping for car seats, you will find that there are several sizes of baby car seats that you can choose from. The sizes are based on the baby’s age in months and years; and often an approximation of the baby’s weight within the specific age range.

The labels also often include the specific dimensions of the baby car seat to give you a basic idea of how much space it will take up in the car.

So when checking the labels of car seats, what you will most likely see are the following: minimum weight, maximum weight and dimensions.

For instance, sizes of baby car seats that indicate these are ideal for babies from 5 pounds up to 22 pounds; the dimensions could be around 28 inches in length by 18 inches in width by 11 inches in height.

There are also baby car seats that manufacturers recommend for babies weighing between 4 pounds and 30 pounds and measurements for these are roughly around 28.6 inches in length by 17.4 inches in width by 15.1 inches in height.

You can see that although the first type of car seat has weight recommendations that are heavier than the second type, the dimensions of the first one are slightly smaller than the other.

The sizes of baby car seats are therefore based on the manufacturer’s own sizing standards and their quality control measures.

Sometimes, sizes of baby car seats will also indicate the maximum length of the baby that they can fit. For instance, a baby car seat with dimensions 19 inches in height by 18.75 inches in width by 27.5 inches in length can support a baby who measures up to 30 inches long.

Newborn Car Seats

Usually, baby car seats include a special type of cushion for newborn babies. You can place the cushion on the car seat before buckling up your newborn for safety. The cushion will keep the baby secure as he is lying down on the car seat since newborns still can’t sit up or recline.

Check for instructions on how to use the newborn cushion properly. These instructions should be included in the packaging of your baby car seat.

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