Lowboy Trailer Dimensions

All lowboy trailers can carry loads up to a maximum 12 ft high in the US. They are known as low loaders in the United Kingdom.

Lowboy Trailer Dimensions: NGB-35

The NGB-35 is a 35 ton non-ground bearing gooseneck (removable). The load capacity is 70,000# and it has 2 axles measuring 43’-11" (entire length). The load deck is 22 ft (front beam tapered).

Other features include 2 inch lumber decking and twenty four 12 inch outriggers (a dozen per side). There are three D rings on the deck sides. There are also some on the front stump at the tires. They make for a total of 8 D rings.

It has 25,000# capacity axles (16.5” x 7” air brakes). The unimount wheels have 11:00 x 22.5 tires. Other features are modular wire harness and lighting (rubber mounted).

Lowboy Trailer Dimensions: NGB-50

The NGB-50 is a 50 ton removable gooseneck. The load capacity is 100,000# and it has 3 axles with a 48’ length. It possesses a self contained hydraulic system. Other features include a four position ride height modifier (increments are 2”).

The unit can be used on rough terrain and off road work. The NGB-50 has an air-operated gooseneck safety lock component. The locking mechanism makes it safer for the operator to work.

The single pivot articulator is controlled by twin 6 inch hydraulic cylinders. All the functions are administered at the operator base at the gooseneck. It has rubber mounted lighting.

Lowboy Trailer Dimensions: NGB-60

The NGB-60 is a 60 ton removable gooseneck. The load capacity is 120,000# and has 3 axles. The overall length is 48’. The NGB-60 has Hutchen’s type H9700 suspension. There is also a 22’ load deck and 12 inch outriggers.

There are 8 D rings and 25,000# capacity axles. The air brakes are 16.5” x 7” with 11:00 x 22.5 tires. The lighting is DOT approved and the rear bridge is ready for attaching a stinger or the flip axle. The unit is available in black, dark green, orange, dark blue and other colors.

Lowboy Trailer Dimensions: RG-35 and RG-50

The RG-35 has a load capacity of 70,000#. There are 2 axles measuring 43′ 11". The gooseneck can be detached and is of the level deck style. It is 8’6" wide. The unit has a hydraulic system and a 22′ load deck. The suspensions are Hutch 9700 with 25,000# capacity axles. The air brakes are 16.5" x 7" while the tires are 11:00 x 22.5.

The RG 50 has a load capacity of 100,000#. The 3 axles are 48’ long. The gooseneck has a width of 8’6". It has many of the features of the other models, including the 24 outriggers, 11:00 x 22.5 tires, modular wire harness and Hutch 9700 spring suspension.

Other Features of Lowboy Trailers

Other models have spring type suspension, air ride suspensions, Mill roll beams or A514 beams. Others have fixed necks while others are mechanically detachable.

The actual lowboy trailer dimensions may differ per manufacturer. But in a lot of countries, the 12’ height limit is imposed.

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