ATV Tire Size Guide

An ATV tire size guide can help you find the right type. Before buying one, you must understand the facts and figures used in tire charts.

What the Numbers Mean

These tires are usually listed as 20 x 11 x 9, 23 x 8 x 12 and so on. The numbers vary, but the way they are listed remains the same. All measurements are in inches.

In a 20 x 11 x 9 tire, the number 20 denotes the outer diameter in inches. This is also known as the ride height. This number indicates how high the tires are. The average height ranges from 18 to 27 inches. The second number refers to the tire footprint or width. In this example, the tire is 11 inches side to side.

The third number in an ATV tire size guide denotes the rim dimensions. It refers to the diameter in the middle of the tire. In this case, it is 9 inches. It means the tire is for a 9 inch wheel.

How to Select the Right Tires

Decide if you want all-terrain tires or something specific. Some tires are designed for sand, mud, paddle or snow. Other tires can be used on any surface. It is more practical to get all-terrain tires. Terrain specific tires have to be removed whenever you leave the area. Sand tires for instance, have to be taken off when you are done using them.


Cheap tires cost around $60 each. High-end tires retail for at least $100. Occasional ATV riders will be fine with low cost tires. Get high-end tires if you use ATVs a lot. They last longer and will be cheaper in the long run.


This ATV tire size guide will also explain tire types. Mud tires have wide spaced treads. It allows tires to grip the surface well. Paddle tires are designed for use on sand and sand dunes. They look like balloons. It has few raised treads and is very smooth.

They work like paddles, hence the name. Snow tires are of course used on snow. Its treads are horizontal and the tires smooth. Their appearance is similar to snow chains.

ATVs are also known as four-wheelers or quads. At its most basic sense, ATVs are like motorcycles with four tires. Costs of these vehicles vary, depending on the type. Tires function in different ways, so you have to choose the right one.

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