Golf Cart Dimensions

Since carts are really non-propelled objects golf carts are Golf Cartrather officially known as golf cars. However, since those who use them have customarily referred to them as ‘carts’ then we ordinarily call them as golf carts. These rather small and slowly propelled vehicles are originally designed to carry a couple of golfers and their golf clubs all around a golf course. This of course remedies the travail of walking around large fields. Given this fact people also wonder about golf cart dimensions.

Standard Golf Cart Dimensions

Today you will find golf carts in various types of formats and dimensions. Nevertheless, the idea is still the same, and that is to be able to convey about two individuals at speeds not exceeding 24 kilometers per hour. This was the original standard stamped as golf cars were manufactured. Standard golf cart dimensions are as follows: width is set at four feet, length is at eight feet, and its height is at six feet. Metric measurements would be 1.2m x 2.4m x 1.8m.

Characteristics Due to Dimensions

Given the aforementioned golf cart dimensions an ordinary golf cart will weigh about 410 to 450 kilograms or 900 to 1,000 pounds. Most models of golf cars you will find have four stroke engines under the hood. Other than being a means of transportation golf cars also have storage functions. At times, they will be modified to fit certain needs in various golf courses. Some of the added features include ball cleaners, motor speed controllers, windshields, cooler trays, and forklifts.

Gas or Electricity

As originally designed given the said golf cart dimensions, golf cars were originally designed to be powered by electricity. However, as time went by gasoline powered carts were introduced. The electric powered golf cars were initially produced for the use of private consumers. Advantages of these variants include lesser noise and air pollution and pedestrian safety compared to other cars in the transport market.

New Models New Dimensions

Of course, as golf cars became more popular manufacturers came up with a wide diversity of models and dimensions. For example, it will be common to find golf cart dimensions as 7.6′ length x 4′ width x 5.6′ height. An interesting cart variant is the four-seater golf cart with dimensions of 3,190mm x 1,210mm x 1,945mm with a ground clearance of about 100mm.

You’ll be able to find both gas powered and electricity powered variants of this four-seater golf car. Of course, as you look around you will find even other models such as a compact ones that can only carry one passenger, eight-seater models, and models that are designed to carry cargo as well as passengers.

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