Bicycle Dimensions

When looking at various bicycle sizes, two factors need to be considered. Bicycle DimensionsThey are height and inseam length. The following should give you an idea of the common sizes and dimensions.

Road Bike Frame Size

If the height is 4’10" – 5’1", the inseam length should be 25.5” – 27” with the bike frame size at 46 – 48 cm. At 5’0" – 5’3", the inseam length should be 26.5" – 28”. The bike frame size is usually 48 – 50 cm. if the height is between 5’2" – 5’5”, the inseam will be 27.5" – 29" with the bike frame at 50 – 52 cm.

If the height is from 5’4" – 5’7", the inseam length is usually 28.5" – 30"; the 52 – 54 cm bike frame size is ideal. The frame / bicycle size of 54 – 56 cm is ideal if the height is 5’6" – 5’9". The inseam length should be around 29.5" – 31".

If the individual’s height is 5’8" – 5’11", the inseam length should be 30.5" – 32" with a bike frame size of 56 – 58 cm. If the height is 5’10" – 6’1", the inseam length is 31.5" – 33" with the bike frame size at 58 – 60 cm.

For heights of 6’0" – 6’3", the inseam length is 32.5" – 34". The bike frame size should be 60 – 62 cm. If the height is around 6’2" – 6’5", inseam lengths between 34.5" – 36" is sufficient. The bicycle size / frame size should be 62 – 64 cm.

Judging the bike Frame

Stand over the bike and place your feet firmly on the ground. There should be an inch or two of space between your crotch and the top tube. For mountain bikes, the space should be a little bit more.

Pay attention to the seat’s height; the ideal seat should permit your legs to be extended almost fully when sitting down. In other words, your knee should bend only a little when the feet is set on the pedal. This provides you with maximum power and reduces physical stress.

The Bicycle Seat and Handlebar

Aside from getting the right bicycle size, ensure the seat is even. The seat shouldn’t make you feel like you’re being plunged forward. However it should not make you feel like you’re being held back. You should have the chance to adjust it as fits your comfort level. This is important so you’ll feel comfortable when riding the bike.

The handlebar should allow you to ride without putting strain on the arms, wrists and shoulders. You also want to avoid stressing your back.

For road bikes, the handlebar should be lower than the saddle. This allows for better aerodynamics. For mountain bikes, the handlebar should be three inches below the handlebar. What you want is to get a low center of gravity.

Bicycle sizes can be hard to determine if you’re unfamiliar with its technical aspects. But if you take the time to look into its many features, you’ll find the right one for your needs without too much trouble.

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