Mirror Ball Dimensions


The disco ball or mirror ball dimensions differ depending on where and how they are used. One of the biggest was used in the 1994 concert tour by the rock band Pink Floyd. It is 4.9 meters in diameter. It opens to a width of 7 meters and is 21 meters high. 

Other Mirror Balls 

Singer Madonna used a 2 ton mirror ball in her Confessions Tour in 2006. This mirror ball was decorated with $2 million dollars’ worth of crystals. Another large mirror ball is in Blackpool in the United Kingdom. 

Features and Characteristics

The mirror ball is spherical in shape. Its surface reflects the light pointed at it in various directions. Regardless of the mirror ball dimensions, these reflections will result in an intricate display. 

The sphere surface is made up of thousands of facets. Each of them is about the same size. All their surfaces are mirrored. The mirror ball is also known as a specular sphere, ball mirror and glitter ball. 

Usage and Application

The mirror ball is set up over the heads of the individuals in the area. The ball is suspended using a specially designed device. This allows the ball to be turned consistently at a vertical axis. This is further lit up by spotlights. 

This means that no matter what the mirror ball dimensions are, people standing still will have light beams going over them. The light beams can also be seen all over the area or room.


These balls started being utilized in nightclubs around the early 1920s. However, these balls had been developed years before. One of the earliest examples was described in an 1897 ballroom at Boston. 

Other early examples can be seen in the German silent film Berlin: Die Sinfonie der GroBstadt dating from 1927. It was during the 1970s that the disco balls earned its name, as they were used in discos. It has become so identified with disco that the name stuck. 

Other Types of Mirror Balls 

There are many types of mirror balls, and smaller ones are available. These are marketed as novelties. Most of the time, these small glitter balls are used for decorations. They are most prominent as displays on Christmas trees and other places around the house. 

Often, the mirror ball dimensions determine how it will be used. While the larger ones are used for clubs, the smaller ones can be used on Christmas trees or even your car. 

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