Size of Electric Keyboard

An electric keyboard is more affordable than a regular piano and a lot of people use this as a means to get started on learning how to play the piano as well as how to create sound remixes; among others.

The size of electric keyboard models basically depends on how many keys you want on your keyboard. A typical piano has 88 keys and an electric keyboard may also have 88 keys but other than this, you can also find a size of keyboard that has 76 keys, 61 and 49 keys.

Size of Electric Keyboard Based on Key Number

Generally speaking, whatever size of electric keyboard that you choose, this is quite portable and so you can take this with you when you want to go jamming with friends or have a gig somewhere.

88 Keys

Electric keyboards with 88 keys give you a full-range keyboard much like a piano except that electric keyboards have special functions and features that pianos don’t have.

This type of electric keyboard usually measures around thirty and three-eighths inches in height by fifty-five and one-third inches in width by nineteen and one-eighth inches in depth.

Dimensions include keyboard stand.

Minus the stand, this type can measure around fifty-two inches in width by ten inches in height.

76 Keys

The size of electric keyboard models that have 76 keys are approximately 53 inches in width by 23 inches in height by 11 inches in depth. This model generally weighs around 38 pounds.

Electric keyboards with 76 keys are a great way to start learning how to play the keyboard as you initially won’t even notice the missing keys, playing full-length songs without a glitch even with an incomplete set of keys.

61 Keys

This is also a recommended size of electric keyboard for those who are only starting to learn how to play the keyboard. This size is also recommended for older kids as its width can be easily reached by children on both ends.

This is your typical organ-style electric keyboard and it measures approximately 37.2 inches in width by 4.6 inches in height by 13.7 inches in depth; and weighs around 9 pounds and 11 ounces.

49 Keys

The smallest size of electric keyboard based on the number of keys, this is ideally for younger kids who want to start learning how to play the keyboard.

This will give them their initial taste of “professional-looking” keyboards and provide them with a good range of options when it comes to features.

This one basically has dimensions of 29.5 inches in width by 11.2 inches in depth by 4.3 inches in height.

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