Rabbit-ears Antenna Dimensions

The rabbit ears antennas are among the oldest antenna types in the world. Old rabbit ears antennas were notorious for their poor reception, but the new models have addressed this shortcoming.

Rabbit Ears Antenna Dimensions: Terk TV-3

The Terk TV-3 antenna measures 12 x 14 x 9 inches and weighs 5 lbs. The antenna has a 6 ft long 75 ohm coaxial cable included. The low noise amplifier provides the required signal boost for channels. The antenna also has the ability to tone down the booster. This is a handy feature to prevent strong signals from interfering with weaker signals.

The unit comes with Terk’s Bypass system. This permits the signal to forego an amplifier if it is off. This averts signal loss and provides optimum performance. The included cable allows the antenna to be used on rear projection TVs. The antenna comes with a VHF/UHF band separator. The antenna has a non-skid silicon base.

Rabbit Ears Antenna Dimensions: RCA Basic Indoor Antenna

The RCA basic indoor antenna measures 6 x 10 x 2 inches and weighs 10.2 ounces. The antenna is compatible with HDTV. This RCA antenna also comes with VHF dipoles. These dipoles can be adjusted and extended for up to 36 inches. This feature can boost the reception of channels 2 to 13.

The UHF loop included can be used for augmenting the reception of channels 14-69. The antenna is equipped with a 6 ft, 0.75 ohm coaxial cable. This cable has an F connector that can be connected easily. The antenna design minimizes the static you get from the TV.

Rabbit Ears Antenna Dimensions: PowerQ POWERHD-100

The PowerQ POWERHD-100 antenna measures 6.5 x 2.2 x 1.5 inches and weighs 1 lb. The digital HDTV antenna is portable and can be used for viewing TV on the road. The antenna can also be used for laptops equipped with USB TV tuner sticks.

The PowerQ POWERHD-100 antenna can get digital TV signals (channels 2 to 69). The antenna supports 1080i HDTV resolution. This antenna allows you to get free off air digital signals. The antenna can also get standard definition digital programming. The low noise amplifier helps improve the reception.

Rabbit Ears Antenna Dimensions: Ace and Apex

The Ace UHF/VHF/FM comes with VHF dipoles that can be expanded up to 32 inches. This allows you to get the clear reception. The included UHF elements provide good picture quality. The 12 position, fine-tuning dial allows for accurate tuning. The superior designer base prevents vibrations from affecting the unit.

The Apex Digital SM550 antenna can be hooked up to standard and Smart RF converter units. This amplified HDTV antenna can be linked to any TV unit. The built-in features allow the antenna to get even local channels. Variable gain control and a digital clock are included.

The rabbit ears antenna dimensions and models included here show just how far these antennas have evolved. Whereas before they used to be simple antennas mounted on TV, they can now be hooked to computers and get high quality HD signals.

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