How Large are Sauna Suits?

Manufacturers have different standards, so the sizes of sauna suits differ. But if you are just looking to get an idea of the scales used, here is a guide.

Size Guide

The small and medium sizes are for those under 154 lbs/70 kgs and under 178 cm. The large size is for those 178 cm plus and from 154 lbs/70 kgs to 182 lbs/83 kgs. The XL sizes are for those 182lbs/83 kgs to 210 lbs/95 kgs and over 178 cm.

The XXL is for individuals 183 cm plus and 210 lbs/95 kgs up to 250 lbs/114 kgs. There is also an XXXL. It is for those 183 cm plus and 250 lbs/114 kgs to 294 lbs/133 kgs. The XXXXL is 183 cm plus and 294 lbs/133 kgs and over.


Not only are sizes of sauna suits varied, but so are the materials used to make them. But all the materials used are waterproof. The objective is to make the person sweat heavily.

Many of these suits are built from coated nylon cloth or PVC. The older suits are made from rubberized cloth. That is the reason why these are still sometimes called rubber suits.


The design is usually patterned after the waterproof sweat suit. It consists of drawstring pants and a pullover jacket. There are closures at the ankles, wrists, neck and waist. The purpose is to keep moisture and heat. Some suits have a hood so there is extra body heat retention.

Weight Reduction

The suit’s primary purpose is to help a person lose weight. It is typically worn while engaged in physical workouts. For instance, a boxer may put the suit on while exercising to make the weight limit.

The body temperature goes up and water is lost, so extra pounds are lost. While it is great for losing weight, dehydration can occur. People who use it should drink plenty of water. Those who use the suit for the first time must be supervised.

Given its nature, it is not advisable to wear the apparatus during hot conditions. In spite of the name, the suit has nothing to do with the sauna. In some health spas, the suit is used. The person is covered with bandages and some herb mixtures before the suit is applied.

If you are planning to use one, go over the sizes of sauna suits carefully. You do not want one that is too big, but it should not be too tight either.

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