What is the Size of a Salad Spinner?

If you love salads but find it rather messy to prepare – tossing the salad with your bare hands to really incorporate all the flavors in – a salad spinner might just be the answer to this dilemma.

A salad spinner is basically a bowl with a strainer and a knob in the middle that, when pressed repeatedly, will spin the strainer and toss the salad for you. It is less messy and it makes tossing your greens so much easier.

What is the Size of a Salad Spinner?

Salad spinners come in sizes that can help you whip up a salad for two or more at a time.

So depending on your needs, “What is the size of a salad spinner?” may best be answered based on the number of people you want to make the salad for, all at one time.

For example, a salad spinner pegged as large, is usually around 10.2 inches in length by 10.2 inches in width by 6.8 inches in height.

A wider but with less depth salad spinner on the other hand, measures approximately 11.5 inches in width by 11.6 inches in length by 6.2 inches in height. This one is also considered as a large-sized spinner.

If you wish for a less wide spinner, there is also one that comes in approximate measurements of 10.44 inches in length by 3 inches in width by 10.44 inches in height.

Salad Spinner for Two

If you live alone or it’s just you and your partner in the house most of the time; a salad spinner for two is ideal.

So What is the Size of a Salad Spinner for Two?

Typically, this type of salad spinner is about 8 inches in width by 7.9 inches in length by 6 inches in height. This size is great for fruit salads as well as mixing herbs for your recipes.

The good thing about a salad spinner is that is usually comes with a nice bowl so you don’t have to transfer the salad to a more decorative bowl before serving.

In addition, as you spin the salad, excess water from your greens and fruits are removed which translates to better quality for your salad – not soggy at all.

You also do not need to pat dry your greens anymore before tossing them all in inside the bowl which means less preparation time for you.

It is in this light that a lot of people now consider a salad spinner as a kitchen essential.

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