Banneton Size Guide

Every serious baker must have a banneton in his or her kitchen. It is a useful and very helpful tool that would not only make your baking easier but also very successful.
What is a Banneton?
A banneton is simply a proving bread basket. It is used to provide your dough enough support as it rises. It helps improve the structure of the dough’s crust pattern as well as its structure even before it goes into the oven.
Generally, it is called banneton but sometimes it is also referred to as brotform or brotformen. For most bakers, it is known as the proofing basket, the one tool they need when allowing a dough to rise and make it look beautiful through the process.
Bannetons are often hand woven. They are also reusable. You just need to know how to care and use them properly.
Before using, it is advisable that you dust your banneton with flour or any grease dust that you may have in your pantry. After that, you can place the dough you need to rise. When the dough has completely risen, you may take it out of the banneton, transfer it to a baking sheet, and put it inside the over.
What to do with the banneton when you are through using it? Clean it, of course.
First, shake off any flour or grease dust that you put onto the banneton. You may also brush out the dust to make sure that it is completely free of any remaining flour. Before storing, you have to make sure that your banneton is dry. At least twice a year, wash it with hot water. Let it air-dry before putting it back to the storage.
If you keep your banneton clean and completely dry, you can be sure that it will be able to serve you for a longer period of time.
Banneton Sizes
Bannetons also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. That is to suit the requirement of the baker and his recipe. That way, the baker would not need to hold back in terms of creativity. He can create every shape or size of bread he wants according to his whim and be sure that a suitable banneton is available.
Banneton size guide is pretty wide and varied. There are available equipments for 500 grams, 1000 grams and whatever size of wet dough you may need to rise. As mentioned, you will definitely find a suitable banneton for your recipe so there is really no need to worry.

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