Fog Machine Dimensions

A fog machine is used to create fog, haze and other similar effects. These are often used for entertainment, mainly in concerts, theater and even films. These machines are also employed in chemical labs and by fire authorities.

Dimensions of Fog Machines: Colt 4 Portable Fog Generator

The Colt 4 Portable Fog Generator is 200mm (8in.) high, 140mm (15.6in.) wide and 360mm (14.4in.) long. It weighs 5.5kg (12.1lbs.). At its most basic setup, the Colt can generate fog by utilizing the stored heat in the heat exchanger.

This unit is intended for use in lab analysis and by HVAC contractors. The Colt is also suitable for any task that necessitates the use of dense fog.

It is also appropriate for those volumes that must be fog logged. The machine has been designed to work for life. Other features include variable output and persistent fog.

Dimensions of Fog Machines: Le Maitre Maxi Fogger

The Le Maitre Maxi Fogger is 50cm long, 22.5cm high and 24cm wide. It weighs 7kg. There is a 5 meter hardwired remote control. The switch lights up when it is ready to be used.

There is also robust powder coating and a durable steel chassis design. The fog output is 275 cubic meters (9,710 cubic feet) every 60 seconds. There is also an internal fluid tank and a maintainable block. The power requirements are 240v, 5A, 1100w / 110v, 10A, 1100w.

The Maxi Fogger is designed explicitly for use by entertainers. It is aimed for utilization in clubs and tours. There is also thermal protection on the device. Once the device is plugged in, it is ready to work.

Dimensions of Fog Machines: Le Maitre Microfog

The Le Maitre Microfog is 40cm long and 18cm high. The machine is 22cm wide and weighs 8kg. The power requirements are 220/240v, 50HZ, 1100w. The specifications of the Le Maitre Microfog make it more suitable for schools, universities and small to medium sized venues.

They are also ideal for mobile use. The unit has been designed so it can be utilized off the power for about 20 minutes. Among the safety features installed are mechanical failsafe and an electronic temperature sensor. The machine has a fog output of 160 cubic meters (5,650 cubic feet) every minute.

Dimensions of Fog Machines: Rosco 1700

The Rosco 1700 is 19.5 in. (49.5cm) long, 9.75 in. (24.8cm) wide and 8.5 in. (21.6cm) high. It weighs 22.5 lb. (10.3 kg.). The voltage is 120v 60Hz / 240v 50Hz. The power is 1190W (220 – 250v) and the fuse is 12.5A (120v).

The maximum fluid use is 3 liters per hour. The warm up time required is 8 minutes. The Rosco 1700 is fitted with a remote control, a 5 meter lead and volume controls. A DMX interface can be added, so the 1700 can be used from a lighting control board.

The varied features and dimensions of fog machines have made them popular for entertainment and work related functions. Another advantage of these new designs is their low power consumption.

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