Miter Box Sizes

There are many miter box dimensions. Some of the bigger ones are able to slice boards 7 inches thick and 8 inches wide. The smaller units are capable of cutting boards 4 ½ in high and 6 ½ inches wide.

Miter Box General Information

The miter box is a utility used for cutting wood into specific angles and shapes. As such, it is a vital component in woodworking. Very often it is used with the backsaw, dovetail saw or tenon saw. The miter box is frequently used as a guide when using one of the saws mentioned.

The box can be used for making any angle. Often though, the device is used for generating 45 degree angles. These are to be fused together to make a right angle. This can be used to produce a box shelf or picture frame.


Just as the miter box dimensions vary, so are the materials used for making it. The most commonly used are plywood or hardwood. In some cases metal is employed. Skilled carpenters can make one using leftover lumber. This can be utilized until the guide slots have been worn down.


Generally, the box is shaped like the letter U. There is an opening and the top is open too. This allows you to put lumber in. The pre-sliced slots are set onto the sides’ top to aid the saw in cutting 90 or 45 degree angles. There are also miter boxes that have clamps to keep the lumber steady. Other models have a chainsaw included.

Miter Saw

The miter saw is a power tool that lets you choose different angles to cut using the agility of a power saw. The miter saw is larger however, and is best suited for big projects. For small woodworking projects, the miter box will be enough.

Another benefit of using the miter box is that it doesn’t require any power source. This makes it easier and more practical to work with in many cases.


You just have to mark the stock for sawing and position it in the box. Align the mark with the slots and put in the saw in the slot. Cut along the box guides.

The miter box dimensions can usually be adjusted so you can perform various cuts. The features of the product will have an effect on the cost. You can buy these tools online and in hardware stores. The manufacturer you buy from will also determine the cost.

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