A4 Paper Size By Country

A4 paper size by country are all the same. They measure 210 x 297 mm (approx 8.3″×11.7″). This is the international letter size standard. The standard size in the US is 8.5 x 11 inches.


The A4 paper is part of ISO 216. This is where the International Organization for Standardization set the A Series of papers standards. Aside from A4, other sizes in the series are A1, A2, A3 and A5. These papers are used widely in Europe and other parts of the world.


A4 is utilized for letters. The same paper can be folded and be employed for brochures. It is also used in many documents and advertising communications. The same paper is used for marketing. The popularity of the paper is evident by the fact it’s included in most printer paper options.

Use in Computer Programs

Word processing applications allow you to set the document up as A4. This is done at the Page Setup in the File menu. In programs like Word, it is at the Page Layout tab. These apps also let you change them into brochures if necessary. The majority of computers use 8 1/2 x 11 inch as default. But these settings are easy enough to change. To achieve the best results, change both the on screen page size and printer page to A4.

For Mail

There are also envelopes made for A4 available. They are designed to fit this folded paper type exactly. This is the type used in marketing and advertising. Several styles are available such as textured, transparent and clear.


The A Series of papers measurements are usually given in millimeters. But their inch equivalents are also available especially those sold in North America. Together with A3, these papers are widely known labels. Even though they aren’t the standards in the USA, it pays to know what their sizes are in case you come across them.

Other Information

The ISO (International Standards Organization) papers are founded on the old Deutsche Industrie Norm (DIN). A3, A2 and other papers are assigned numbers and letters. The base measurements are set on the metric system. If you are going to order laser or inkjet paper, expect the ISO “A” classifications to be used. But as stated earlier, it is possible to use different kinds of paper with printers.

A4 paper size by country is also used for presentations by companies today. The same paper is used for record-keeping and invoices.

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